Arag Ninja Full GPS Sprayer Control

   The latest technology in an easy to use, reliable package.

Automatically turns nozzles on and off to only spray where you have mapped!  The most accurate way to spray!

– All components are waterproof

– High resolution 5.7″ TFT display

– Uses buttons instead of touchscreen, so it can be used with gloves and will operate in cold conditions

– Comes with switch box and manual pressure gauge for manual operation if needed

– Best in class GPS receiver integrating 4 satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU – up to 18cm accuracy without differential. Tracks up to 84 satellites for GPS coverage even in treed areas

– Comes with Terrastar differential for sub 4cm accuracy and repeatability without modem (Annual Subscription for this service)


– Arag Seletron individual nozzle shutoff system using fast acting motorized valves instead of solenoids for low power consumption and reliability

– All components are made by Arag for Plug & Play compatibility

– The only system with a 5 position nozzle holder and you can use any nozzle with Arag!

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